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Mexican Quinoa Salad Recipe

This Mexican-style Quinoa Salad is loaded with black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocados, red onion, and cilantro. Simple, healthy, and incredibly delicious, you’ll want to make it over and over again!

Let’s Just Jump Right To The Recipe!

Tex Mex Quinoa Salad


  • 3 cups cooked quinoa*
  • 1 can black beans, rinsed
  • 1 cup corn frozen and thawed, or canned
  • 2 small avocados
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, chopped
  • ½ medium red onion, diced
  • ½ cup chopped cilantro
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. salt or to taste
  • 1 tsp. pepper or to taste
  • 1 tsp. cumin powder or to taste
  • ⅛ tsp. cayenne optional


  • Place the cooked and cooled quinoa into a large bowl. Add the black beans, corn, onion, tomatoes, avocados, and cilantro.
  • Squeeze the limes, grizzle with olive oil, and season the salad with salt, pepper, and cumin powder. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper, if preferred. Mix everything well.


* You’ll need to cook about ¾ cup of quinoa according to the package instructions and cool it completely. Leftover quinoa is perfect for this salad. 

Cook quinoa in vegetable broth for extra flavor. 


Store this Quinoa Salad in an airtight container, refrigerated, for up to 2 days. You can still eat it on day 3, but the avocados will brown, and the tomatoes become a bit soggy.

Healthy Homemade Tuna Salad

Healthy tuna salad is a light, refreshing meal packed with fresh herbs, crunchy garden cucumbers, and the delightful twist of freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can make so many different meals with this tuna salad! Here are some ideas!

Tuna sandwiches

Tuna cheese melts

Serve as a dip with carrots, celery, and crackers.

Add to the top of a bed of fresh lettuce.

Place sliced cheese on crackers with a small dollop of tuna salad on top.

Pita pocket with lettuce, tomato, and tuna salad.

Make it a wrap 

Serve it over some cooked pasta.

Swap out the celery for cucumber.

Make a Mexican version by adding cilantro, lime juice (instead of lemon), and a dash of cumin.

For some sweet crunch, dice up some fresh apples to add to the salad. Add walnuts for some Waldorf inspiration.

Add diced hard boiled eggs.



Healthy Homemade Tuna Salad Recipe


  • 4 cans tuna – I like Wild Planet
  • 1 recipe homemade avocado mayo
  • I lemon, juiced
  • 2 stalks celery, diced
  • 1/2 onion, finely diced
  • Handful fresh herbs (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste


Make a batch of my favorite homemade avocado mayo. I promise you it is super simple.

In a large bowl, add canned tuna (drain, if needed) and mayo.

Dice onions and celery. If you have kids, I suggest dicing the onions into really small pieces.

Chop herbs and add to bowl. This step is totally optional, but fresh herbs add so much brightness and flavor to the salad.

Squeeze lemon juice over the top.

Mix well and serve.


  • Fresh cilantro is my favorite herb to add, but you could also add a handful of fresh parsley or basil.
  • This recipe utilizes my favorite homemade avocado mayo. You could substitute it for store-bought, if needed. Always opt for avocado mayo, because most other types are made with unhealthy, refined vegetable oils.
  • For extra lemon flavor, add the zest of one lemon.
  • Tuna packed in water, olive oil, or just salt will work with this recipe. Make sure to drain the tuna before making this recipe.
  • Try to pick the best quality tuna you can afford. Wild and sustainably caught fish is the top choice.

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Mangú is the best known and most representative dish of the caribbean island’s and many places around the world, and can be cooked for breakfast, lunch or dinner, on any day. A recipe you should most certainly try.



According to my research, plantains are nutritionally beneficial, they have more than twenty times the amount of vitamin A, about three times the vitamin C, double the magnesium, and almost twice the potassium as a banana. Very low in fat and sodium, they are cholesterol-free and offer a good source of fiber. One-half cup of cooked slices contains about 89 calories.


To make mangu
4 plantain (green, unripe)
1 ½ teaspoons salt
4 teaspoons olive oil, or butter
1 cup water, at room temperature

To make onion garnish
2 tablespoon olive oil
2 red onion, large
1 tablespoon fruit vinegar



1. Peeling: Peel the plantains and cut lengthwise, then divide each half into two. Remove the center where the seeds are located (optional, this is just my preference for a smoother mangú).

2. Boiling: Boil the plantains in enough water to cover them plus an inch until they are very tender, having added the salt to the water before the water breaks the boil.

3. Mashing: Remove the plantains from the water and mash them right away with a fork until they are very smooth and there are few to no lumps (be careful not to burn yourself). Mix in olive oil, and water, carnation or liquid of preference at room temperature and keep mashing and mixing until it turns into a smooth puree.


1. Cooking onions: Heat a tablespoon of oil in a skillet over low heat. Add onions and cook and stir until they become translucent. Pour in vinegar and season with salt to taste. (Optional)

2. Serving: Garnish mangu with the onions and serve with sunny-side-up eggs or scrambled eggs, fried cheese, or fried slices of salami.


I like olive oil, and a little bit of garlic in my mangú, but this is a matter of personal preference, so feel free to go with butter if that’s what you prefer.

Shhh… Wanna hear a little non-traditional tip to amp your mangú’s flavor and take it to the next level? Add a tablespoon of powdered onion to it. You can thank me later.

Can you reheat stored Mangu?
Yes, you can! Reheat in a pan, just remember to add a bit more water because it will be otherwise too dry.

How do you get very smooth mangú?
A common question we get is how to get a soft mangú, my trick is to add a bit more water than it seems necessary at first, as it cools down, mangú will inevitably get harder, so start with a mushy mangú and by the time it gets to the table it will be soft and creamy. Also, you’ll need to mash very well, there’s nothing worse than a lumpy mangú.

Serve & Enjoy!

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4 Turmeric Smoothies That Boost Antioxidants & Fight Inflammation

Turmeric is such a miracle spice as it contains curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric smoothie has many amazing health promoting properties like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, even linked to helping ease symptoms of colitis and reducing the risk for certain cancers. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric responsible for much of its health promoting properties.


While curcumin is a powerful and effective compound for treating a wide range of diseases, studies have revealed that it has low absorption and rapid metabolism that lead to relatively low bio-availability in the body, curcumin, provides the body with some of the most powerful antioxidant activity.

4 Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant Turmeric Smoothie

Recipe #1


1 cup full-fat coconut milk
2 bananas
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons ground turmeric
1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup (optional)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 to 8 ice cubes (or more if needed)


-Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy.
-Enjoy! Store the leftovers in the refrigerator for a few days or freeze into a pop.

Recipe #2


1 cup hemp or coconut milk
1/2 cup frozen pineapple or mango chunks
1 fresh banana
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon turmeric (can be increased to 1 tsp)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon maca (optional)


-Add all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth.
-This recipe is best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.
-It’s a solid way to start your day and pack your body full of antioxidants.

Recipe #3


1 cup green tea
1 cup berries of your choice (such as blueberries, raspberries, cranberries)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon each of ground turmeric and ginger
1 teaspoon ground flaxseed or chia seeds
A little honey, maple syrup, or stevia to sweeten


-Put all the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Recipe #4


8 ounces cold, organic coconut water
3 oranges, peeled
2 mangoes, peeled and cubed
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 inch piece of ginger, peeled and minced finely


-Add the coconut water, oranges, mangoes, turmeric powder and ginger to the blender.
-Starting the blender on a low speed, blend until smooth.
-If needed gradually increase to higher speeds and blend until smooth.
Serve & enjoy!

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