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The presence of some chocolate chai loose leaf tea in our inventory sparked some inspiration for an experiment.
Chocolate is rich. When we eat a chocolate bar we savor the flavor, roll the chocolate over our tongues so that we can taste thoroughly. Chai too is rich. Tea in itself however can tend to be bold, and rich, however both the chocolate and the chai in this tea lend themselves to combining with a rich cream or milk as well as sweetener to fully highlight the flavors.

In comes coffee – coffee is strong. When combined with Chocolate Chai Tea, coffee acts as the base and provides the vehicle for the chocolate and chai flavors. Then add cream and a sweetener, and you have coffee with a kick, chocolate chai tea with a boost. Overall – super delicious!


Chocolate Chai Coffee Recipe

Brewing the brew:
Using a french press, place 4 tablespoons unflavored coffee inside. Add 2 teaspoons chocolate chai tea to the press. Add hot water and allow to sit 4-5 minutes to make 2 cups of coffee-chai-tea brew.

Add creamer, milk, almond or cashew milk, and sweetener to taste. I recommend a thick creamer or whole milk, or a thicker almond or cashew milk as is often found in the refrigerated section. Agave nectar makes a fantastic sweetener as it blends well with the chocolate, chai, and coffee.


Let us know how your Chocolate Chai Tea Coffee turned out!

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