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Morir Soñando (milk and orange juice drink), a marvelous caribbian beverage that should be the official drink of the summer. It’s a very easy recipe too, you could be enjoying this in no time!

The silky combination of milk and the refreshing orange taste is what dreams are made of. Morir Soñando is the perfect drink to refresh and nourish.

Morir Soñando is a uniquely-caribbian islands staple The name at least is (Orange Julius is a similar drink with a much less poetic name. I haven’t been able to track the origin of the drink, or how it came to acquire the name, but it’s clear that it has existed for generations in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean islands –or at least as long as we’ve had refrigeration.


There’s an old wives’ tale that says that people shouldn’t drink milk and orange juice together. Morir Soñando proves it wrong.


Without the special order of preparation specified in the recipe, the mix will curdle. Having all the ingredients cold before mixing is the trick. Sugar has nothing to do with it.

Morir Soñando is usually served as a dinner drink or a mid-afternoon snack. As a bonus to the thirst-quenching, heat-busting goodness of this drink, it is also very nutritious, and perfect as a snack for the little ones.


There are few things you can change in Morir Soñando, it is a drink of few ingredients and simple preparation. Even so, different homes may have different versions.

Something we have done with our recipe is to offer a few changes that you can make to adapt it to some special diets. Yes, you can make a vegan Morir Soñando, and likewise a dairy-free one. And if you are looking to reduce your sugar consumption, we also offer you information on how to do it. It is important to remember that these changes will change the taste, but not so much that you can not enjoy a glass of ice-cold Morir Soñando.


4 cup evaporated milk

¾ cup sugar (brown granulated), (optional may not use it all)

1 tablespoon clear vanilla extract, (optional)

2 cup of ice cubes, (may be crushed ice)

2 ½ cup orange juice, (best fresh)


Chill milk. Add sugar to milk to taste. Stir in vanilla. Add ice and stir. Pour in the orange juice and stir.

Serve immediately. Enjoy!


The trick for the milk not to curdle is keeping the milk (and the whole drink afterward) at a very low temperature.

How to make morir soñando de limón (and other fruits)

Other less-common options include using lime juice (half the amount of the orange juice) or passion fruit juice (same amount as orange juice.

Low-carb morir soñando for diabetics

Diabetics or those on low-carb diets take note, you can skip the sugar or go low on sugar.

Low-fat morir soñando

If you are mindful of your fat consumption try  low-fat, the taste is slightly different but it works just fine. 

Vegan morir soñando

If you are a vegan, you can use almond milk instead of regular milk, the taste is different, but it still is very delicious.

If you tried this recipe let me know!

Maria J 💜 – The Naturally Blooming

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  1. A.J Avatar

    Wow this is so good I grew up drinking this so I know it very well! Perfect recipe! 😋

  2. The Naturally Blooming Avatar

    I’m Glad you liked it! 🙂

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