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Are you a fresh herb lover? Have you ever wondered how to store fresh cilantro and other herbs a way that will help last them longer? There is an easy way to store leafy herbs that can make them last up to 6 weeks!

What’s the secret? Treat bunches of cilantro just like you treat fresh-cut flowers!

Like a florist, you need to trim the ends of your leafy herbs, place them in fresh, cool water and store them in a fridge. Once a week or so you need to replace the water and retrim the ends. Freshly trimmed ends will be able to absorb more water, allowing the herbs to stay fresh.

You can loosely cover your herbs with a plastic bag once they are trimmed and in cool water. I use a disposable bag from the grocery store vegetable section (I usually get one with my cilantro).  Or ziplock bags work as well Herbs can also be stored uncovered. See which works well in your fridge, it depends on the humidity in your area.

My cilantro lasts a LONG time with or without a plastic bag cover. Just remember to trim it regularly and keep the water fresh. This storage tip works with many leafy herbs. Check out my parsley!

My current batch of cilantro, can you believe it is more than six weeks old? No slime in sight!

I hope you try this technique to make your fresh herbs last longer!

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