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(Makes 2 cups or four 4oz servings)


▪️ ½c lemon juice (half a pound of lemons, juiced- don’t use bottled)
▪️ ¼c + 1TBSP honey
▪️ 1½c water
▪️ 4 TBSP Organic Elderberry syrup with Honey
▪️ tiny pinch of salt
▪️ Ice cubes



1. Juice those lemons and set the juice aside!
2. Pour ¼c plus 1TBSP honey into a quart sized jar, add ½c water (warm this water up!)
3. Mix until honey + water combine.
4.Add remaining water, lemon juice & salt- stir well.
5. Divide lemonade into 4 glasses filled with ice, and top with one tablespoon of elderberry syrup per glass.
6. Top with a lemon slice and enjoy!

PRO-TIP: grab a few leaves of fresh thyme, rub them together between your fingers, and drop them into the glass before adding ice, lemonade and elderberry ❤

Simpler Option: You can also just mix the four tablespoons of elderberry syrup right into your lemonade!


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